Channelling of Barranco de la Fuente

barranco de la Fuente

Channeling Barranco de la Fuente, in the municipalities of Quartell, Benavites and Sagunto (Valencia)

Work in PATRICOVA collection and supervised by the CHJ and ADIF.
Year 2006-2011. PEM 1,8 M.
Work executed as the main contractor to the construction project.
The work carried out were:

  • Channeling of the Barranco de la Fuente (or Colonel) in the municipalities of Quartell, Benavites and Sagunto.
  • Reinforcement of the sides and the bed of the ravine with riprap.
  • Barranco Underpass by Valencia-Tarragona railway line through six steps of jacking pipe diameter 1800 mm, grout injection and filling of the road during piling work.
  • Later restoration of track geometry by using special machinery road (batter-leveler, stabilizer).